I’m humbled you want to know more about me. Since we probably don’t know each other yet, I’ll do my best to be brief. If you want to know more, I’d recommend checking out and subscribing to the blog or following me on Twitter .

So here’s 25+ years condensed into seven short paragraphs.

Got my first job in 1995 as a Microsoft Access developer for a medium-sized training and consulting firm in Southwest Germany. Changed jobs to work for a small consulting firm as a C++ developer on a large project for a home loan bank.

Quit that job and moved to Munich to start an IT consulting business with a partner in 1999. Worked for large bank clients as an external software developer and project manager.

Parted ways with the partner in 2003, continued the IT consulting business solo. Grew the business to €1.5M/yr revenue and €300k/yr gross profit contracting with freelancers, never taking on any employees.

Burned out and got out of IT consulting in 2006. Launched a variety of different projects, including affiliate marketing, blogs, making and selling digital and physical products, hosting two podcasts and designing, manufacturing and selling an iPad accessory called the GroovBoard. Sold a couple hundred of those world-wide, including one to actor and iPad aficionado, Steve Martin. Still kind of proud of that, even though it wasn’t a financial success.

Went back into IT consulting part-time in 2013 and launched the first Shopify-only ecommerce agency in the German market. Eventually quit IT consulting for good at the end of 2016 and took the ecommerce agency from a side gig to full-time. Grew it from €20k/yr in 2015 to €100k/yr in 2019, again without taking on employees.

Had some time to think when the pandemic hit in early 2020. Decided to downshift and take my business in a different direction. Got rid of 90 % of my belongings and moved from Southern Bavaria all the way up north. Cut back on client projects to work on other things, do more writing and generally have more discretionary time, some of which I spend sailing.

I currently live and work in Northwest Germany , an hour southeast of the Danish border and 5 minutes from the Baltic Sea coast.

Marley and me at the beach